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So, I figured I would write a new post specifically for installing the latest DB2 Express-C on OpenSuSE as I had a bit of difficulty.

Ultimately, the path to success includes just following along the normal install (e.g. what I have automated below, changing yum and RH package names to zypper and SuSE package names) with 1 exception:

  • db2prereqcheck


Running db2prereqcheck will always crash. Attempting to debug expc/db2/linuxadm64/bin/db2prereqcheck_exe shows that it is trying to compare a minimum version for SuSE, passing “42.2 “ into atoi and then crashing in ____strtoll_l_internal.

After tring to get it work by chaning values in /etc/os-release and /etc/SuSE-release, I just gave up and commented out the call to db2prereqcheck_exe in expc/db2/linuxadm64/bin/db2prereqcheck.

And, that’s it! Enjoy DB2, and make sure to follow my db2profile and zsh post if you use zsh!

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